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People are finding it harder to make money Online or to even get subscribers. To be honest, there so many websites that it's becoming a bit overwhelming. Which one is the best website? Where do I even start? Which site works and will not cost me an arm and a leg just to get Started? At this point, it is easy to get lost! So here are some tips and tricks for you to grow your YouTube channel. I'm going to give you a list of sites that you can use to help you grow your YouTube channel. Keep in mind that it will not get you millions of subscribers, but it is a starting point to get more subscribers at the end of the day. If you really want to grow your channel it will take time and you must invest a lot of this into your channel. I hope the sites help you out.

The basics for Growing your channel:
1)      Upload enjoyable content
2)      Make sure you are using the top “Keywords” in the tag section
3)      Make sure your post and videos remind people to subscribe to your channel
4)      Share your content everywhere you can think of
5)      Have multiple platforms where you can share your content
6)      Try promoting your top viewed video (when you can) because this more inclined to get clicks, views, likes, and subs.

Now, of course, having an entertaining video helps. However, people can be quite stubborn and even forget to subscribe. Really you need more than an entertaining video. If you're trying to make it to the top of the YouTube chain. First things first: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat can be a great promotional tool, but these are quite overused and overpopulated. What about the uncommon sites?  It's not enough to have three platforms. Having multiple platforms helps with marketing, promoting your sites, and just getting your name out there overall.

Here are some examples of things I have set up that may work for you:
Make sure your YouTube channel has a brand name. Like my YouTube Channels called TheWholeShaBang and #1LIVEGAMERS.

  1. A brand name helps you stand out from the rest of the crowd and allows people to search for you.  it's a unique identifier for all your accounts.
  2.  Make sure that when you're promoting yourself you add the URL to your promotion or websites or social media. Below are a couple of examples:

This is optional, but you can make your own website page and create like a portfolio I find that this helps people have one central location for all your accounts and social media.

Example: Portfolio:

Other things, you want to do is list out your social media because we use so much it can be an extensive list as you see below but it makes it easier for others to locate you when they are on other links or other sites.  examples are shown below:

Other Social Media:
IG: SalmaYusuf7 or TheWholeShaBang
Twitter: @salmayusuf321 -
-------------------------------------------------------- - My artwork on pillows, shirts, cup, etc.
Soundcloud & Beats 
SnapChat: SalmaYusuf7 SalmaYusuf
MY YouTube/Google Communities
@RealLife - #RealLife
Want to show your Support for more fun, entertaining, and learning:
         - Donations are accepted via PayPal
         - CashApp $SalmaYusuf

Type all your accounts and data in Microsoft Word so you can copy and paste it when you need it. This method makes life a little bit easier. The idea of this is to give yourself more areas on the web, more opportunities to be located, and more sites that allow people to view your work and get you recognized. Again! It is a lot of work. Keep that in mind. If you really are trying to grow your YouTube channel, then you must put determination and consistency into it.

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